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We have moved to artsylumquartet.blogspot.com!

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Our new profile (and everything else) resides at artsylumquartet.blogspot.com!

In a few words or less
String Quartet in Singapore. Average age 21.5 years old. Have a love-hate relationship with our instruments.

What's with T.H.E name?

Before you think us egoistical young punks, or (*gasp*) S.H.E wannabes, our name came to us in a strange fit of desperation and serendipity. Lacking the necessary creativity in coming up with a name while signing up for our first masterclass, we decided on "the string quartet" before we found out that T.H.E. were actually the initials of our debut performance, The Haydn "Emperor's" String Quartet. The name has since been changed to Artsylum Quartet. Find us on Facebook!

Who's the man with purplish-grey hair standing next to us in one of the photos?
(if you happen to spot him in the slideshow)

That would be our very kind coach, Mr Leslie Tan of the T'ang Quartet, who found us after our debut performance, and offered to subject us to rewarding and enlightening (though especially arduous for the cellist) 2-hour coaching sessions on a semi-regular basis.

What do we do?

In our free (or not-so-free time), we play for weddings, company functions, dinner events, fashion shows, pop concerts, soundtrack recordings, free-for-all concerts, and even private, home-based events. When we are not playing for gigs, you'll find us playing for one orchestra or another, or stressing over learning a new quartet work for Leslie's Coaching Session.

tang tee tong

ong xin yi

chiew yu yang, jeremy

tan geok teng, elizabeth

新不了情 - Xin Bu Liao Qing

1:33 AM
stringing out!

瑶族舞曲 - Yao Zu Wu Qu

12:17 AM
stringing out!

映山红 - Ying Shan Hong

11:48 PM
stringing out!

夜来香 - Ye Lai Xiang

11:30 PM
stringing out!

月亮代表我的心 - Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin

10:32 PM
stringing out!

Aladdin Medley

8:04 PM
stringing out!

Cinderella Medley

7:59 PM
stringing out!

Interview for Radio Singapore International

26th May 2008. Our first formal interview for an RSI program,

Oxy the 2nd violin was represented by the Bear.
"How exciting!" said the Bear.
"Ahh don't be too happy your never know what's coming next...", replied the Violist, who then attempted to pinch the Bear to deflate its enthusiasm.

Still, Bear was unfazed in her optimism, flaunting her Visitors Pass. Cellist looked at the a random anxious person sitting in front of her carrying a huge stack of files, and wondered if she should start feeling worried about something.

We passed through door after door, and walked down countless dimly lit corridors...

and emerged in the bright recording studio. Hand gestures, however many, could not substitute for coherent sentences and extensive CHINESE vocabulary, all of which deejay LKY had, which we did not. Darn!

There she sat worriedly thinking of the tremendous amount of editing work our half-past-six-Chinese would put her through, probably regretting her decision to get us on the show.

While the rest of us were struggling to keep our tongues untangled, Bear remained in a state of bliss because she did not have to say anything.

Violin 1 was distracted by the colourful consoles

And finally, after 55 minutes of speaking more Chinese than we ever did during quartet gatherings, it was over...

much to everyone's relief.

And then we went for drinks at the cold dimly lit canteen.

The End.

1:13 AM
stringing out!

Little Mermaid Medley

11:58 PM
stringing out!

Pochahontas Medley

11:57 PM
stringing out!

Our updated repertoire list resides at artsylumquartet.blogspot.com!

Work In Progress

Haydn String Quartet Op. 76 No. 2 "Fifths"

Dvorak Piano Quartet in Eb Major, Op. 87

Previously Done

Mendelssohn String Octet in Eb Major 4th mvt

Mendelssohn Quartet in A Minor Op. 13

Mozart Divertimento in D Major, K. 136

Beethoven String Quartet in F Op 18 No. 1

Haydn String Quartet Op. 76 No. 3 "Emperor"


Opera stuff from Faust, Carmen, Cavalleria Rusticana, Marriage of Figaro, Magic Flute, Gianni Schicchi, Lakme, Tales of Hoffman etc. Jazz stuff from Gershwin to Cole Porter to Ella Fitzgerald. plus jazzed up holiday pieces. Leroy Anderson. Film classics. Cats the Musical. Nutcracker Suite. Scott Joplin's Rags. Wedding Albums I to III. Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and many more.

Upcoming Performances

Check out the updated list at artsylumquartet.blogspot.com!

Past Concerts

nafa composer's graduation recital 2008
13 may 2008
nanyang academy of fine arts lee foundation theatre

um-nus golf tournament 2008
6 may 2008
orchard hotel grand ballroom

huayi festival 2008
15/16/17 february 2008
esplanade concourse

wedding of daryl and evelyn
23 february 2008
raffles ballroom @ raffles hotel

wedding of timothy and ju min
17 Dec 2007

wedding of stephen and huicheng
20 December 2007
the lawn @ raffles hotel

Wedding Dinner
27th October 2007
One Rochester Park

At the Concourse - Childhood Memories
24-25 October 2007
Esplanade Concourse

Barlow Lyde & Gilbert LLP function
17th October 2007
Asian Civilisations Museum

private dining event
30th September 2007
One Rochester Park

NAFA Composer's Recital
1st August 2007
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

NAFA composer's recital
"In Search of Light"

22nd July 2007
young Musician's Society (YMS)

wedding of Dr Martin David Adams and Hui-shin
20th July 2007
Fort Canning Hill

Singapore Police Force Annual Dinner
12th June 2007

viva violino 3
10th June 2007

Danish queen's birthday
16th April 2007
residence of the Danish ambassador, HE Klavs A. Holm

wedding of christopher gregory and elisabeth willett
7th April 2007
raffles Hotel

SIM faculty appreciation dinner 2007
10th feb 2007
carlton hotel

opening of the NUS centre for life sciences
5th feb 2007
oriental hotel

official reopening of the singapore cricket club clubhouse
2nd feb 2007
singapore cricket club

nafa commuter concert series
22nd jan 2007 (mon), 630pm
lee foundation theatre

wedding banquet of michelle loke and paul tye
20th jan 2007
grand hyatt grand ballroom

exxon-mobil campus concerts series
"journey through time"

nus symphony orchestra chamber concert
10th jan 2007
nus lt13

celebrate december
26th/30th december 2006
esplanade concourse

christmas dinner
24th december 2006
victoria's condo

rotary club
19th october 2006
conrad hotel ballroom

pois fashion show
11th october 2006
paragon shopping centre

"opera fortnight"
12th/13th july 2006
esplanade concourse

wedding of francis and debbie kee
27th may 2006
shangri-la ballroom

wedding of samuel and karen
20th may 2006

style magazine's wedding glamour bash
23rd april 2006
raffles city ballroom

"romantic rhapsodies"
22nd/23rd feb 2006
esplanade concourse

mediacorp 8 Days 800th anniversary
17th feb 2006
raffles city atrium

wedding of zac and lay mui
17th dec 2005
four seasons hotel, ballroom

wedding of act3 theatrics director r chandran and amy cheng
4th dec 2005
grand hyatt

wedding of beng siong and chuin sia
8th oct 2005
chevrons – chevrons ballroom

"music for strings"
22nd sept 2005
esplanade concourse

nus centennial celebration
2 july, 21 aug 2005
university cultural centre theatre
shaw foundation symphony stage, botanic gardens

nus commencement dinner 2005
16 July 2005
university cultural centre – concert hall

"kvalite boga" by grechaninov
with international baptist church & the celebration chorus
15 – 16 April 2005
victoria concert hall

singapore chamber music festival 2005
masterclass with australian string quartet & post masterclass recital
23 March – 1 April 2005
esplanade recital studio